Manny Pacquiao's Crying Face

(1) I started fighting in sumo... but it did'nt work

(2) Back in the days of poverty

(3) Hoping for the president to sign my adoption papers

(4) I got disappointed
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Another Round With Manny Pacquiao

(1) Childhood days with Erik Morales

(2) Super Manny

(3) Contemplating

(4) Saving Sergeant Manny

(5) The new King of Pop

(6) Ala King Leonidas

(7) Against Mike Tyson

(8) Against Kobe

(9) Childhood days with Erik Morales part 2

(10) Hungry Manny

Credits : ykob
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Signs of Times

(1) Catchy Ads

(2) You're not allowed to enter

(3) Eat Wisely

(4) House specialty... the name of the store

(5) Cars are allowed in the field

(6) Answer to your prayers

(7) Hairy cutters inside

(8) Only electronic signage are allowed

(9) Nice place


Photos taken from georwyn22
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Funny Signs

(1) Public Notice

(2) Master Technician

(3) Strict Beach Rules

(4) Private Comfort Room

(5) Quality Assured Stamps
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Pulitzer winner on war, digital photography

By Alexander Villafania
First Posted 16:29:00 04/26/2009

MANILA, Philippines--He never really wanted to become a war photographer and only wanted to travel. But when he was sent out to cover his first war in Yugoslavia about 10 years ago, he never left. Pulitzer Prize awardee and photographer Karsten Thielker said that war photography is one of the most challenging and most dangerous areas of journalism.
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